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At Banksia Landscape, we know that the quality of our service depends on the hard work and careful attention to details of every employee.

We treat every member of our team with the same respect that we give to every one of our clients. We value your dedication as a skilled landscaping professional.

If you would like to become one of our valued team members:

  • To Submit your application please click the link below
    Submit your application
  • The link above will send you to a secure portal where you will be asked to register while entering a user name and password.  Once this has been completed you will then proceed to the application area where you will be able to entering your personal information and select from various open positions.  When completed the information will then be forwarded to the hiring manager for review and consideration.
  • Questions? Please contact Kevin Pearson at kpearson@banksialandscape.com or (408) 617-7100