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Our Services

Landscape Management & Irrigation

We manage plant and tree health, water practices and public safety. We walk around the site and pay attention to every detail, so there are no surprises. If you need something done, you come and talk to us, and we’ll take care of it right away.

We provide horticulture and site condition analysis, and progress updates with photos to ensure you are informed and satisfied. Annual development budget projections help you meet property management and improvement goals.

We provide:

  • Pruning, nutrition and upkeep of lawns, trees and shrubs
  • Water management to optimize coverage
  • Plant health care, weed and pest control
  • Site, equipment, and public safety audits
  • Specialty care for unique horticulture
  • Emergency plant and tree care

Sitework & Enhancements

We can provide targeted landscape updates and new landscaping, or assist with property care and enhancements. We offer prompt estimates, identify permitting and other regulatory requirements, and work closely with other vendors to organize and schedule work efficiently.

Work with us to shape and shift the landscape. Create a 'wow' factor, with exciting species that bloom, or show foliage, texture, and color including:

  • Annual or seasonal color, impact color spots, or holiday decorations
  • Contemporary horticulture, with plants, trees, and ornamental grasses, and environmentally responsible flora to enhance the property
  • Entrance treatments and specialty plantings to reflect brand and image
  • Container gardens, flower and vegetable gardens
  • Sport and picnic areas
  • Aquatic environments and arboriculture
  • Special events
  • Hardscape cleaning and day porter services
  • Assistance with construction, building, property care and other enhancements

Green & Sustainable

We offer LEED sustainable landscapes, water conservation and ecosystem-based management. Cost-efficient irrigation and landscape improvements may be offset with regional rebates that we can handle for you.

Environmental responsibility is integral to our company culture. With certified and accredited staff, we closely observe site conditions, and inform you of best practices that reflect your environmental goals.

Environmental care services include:

  • Stellar water management practices and surface water run-off protection
  • Organic products and soil microbial application
  • Mulching and bio-horticultural practices in insect and disease protection
  • Specialty gardens like butterfly and hummingbird environments
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM), balanced with correct plant health care to produce the healthiest possible horticulture

We are pioneers in specialty projects that increase landscape asset value, including:

  • Complete management of green walls and roofs
  • Bioswale and retention ponds to mitigate water runoff
  • Arboriculture